A four-month blogging hiatus
A commission for a kitchen
The business model for digital art is not new and it’s not NFTs
The coffee is not very good
Covered and smothered
A day at the art walk
I’m participating in the St. Johns Art Walk this year. I’ve been a little bit anxious if this is the “right” venue for my work, but friends and family…
I have a concept rattling around in my head I’m calling a “denied portrait” - where I obfuscate a portrait with something. I worked on the image below…
Is there a there there?
I found some time to make some art this weekend. I have been collecting photos of spring flowers on my daily dog walks. One morning I discovered that a…
I like to call the owner of our local wine shop the mayor of St. Johns. He doesn’t know I call him this, I think he’d be embarrassed. He knows all the…
I have this video in an open browser tab on my phone. I’ve had it open for weeks. I watch it from time to time when I want a peaceful moment. The video…