Tomatoes and turtlenecks

Megagram for May 9th

I published a new big grid to Instagram and my website. I'm continuing to use Uniqlo ads as source material - but I'm trying to blend in some more snapshots and found images. In this particular case I made a little vector illustration of a tomato to use as a repeating motif.

When I was working on my last block of 15 paintings I told a friend that I found something interesting in hiding parts of my drawing or painting with other elements. I started thinking of these as "denied portraits".

Yesterday I made that idea explicit.

Denied portrait

If you click through to the web version of this - you may find that you can click and drag the tomato around, but you can't remove it. This owes a bit (just a little bit) to Rene Magritte and John Baldessari, but while you might be able to move Magritte's apples or Baldessari's dots around the canvas - you'll never know because the museum won't let you get that close to find out.